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New Patients



Fill out the new patient forms at this link: 

       New Patient Forms


Request and sign the "Consent to Release your Record" form from your previous dental provider. On your behalf, we will contact your previous dentist's office and have them forward your most current radiographs (x-rays) and other records relevant to your dental care. It is best to have this completed before your first visit so that we have time to secure and review your records. 

Inform us if there is any reason you may need to be pre-medicated prior to your appointment, e.g. you have a prosthetic heart valve or joint replacement. If necessary, we will arrange to get appropriate medication to you before to your visit.



Bring all completed registration forms that were mailed to you in the welcome packet (you can also download these here on the website). These include Patient Registration, Medical History and Dental History forms.


Additionally, you will be asked to complete a HIPPA compliance form that details our office's management of your privacy with respect to your personal information and dental records.


If you take more than a few daily medications, please bring an updated list of your current medications with you.  You can obtain this from your physician or from your pharmacy.  Keeping your medications updated is extremely important to your dental health and will help us to more safely treat you.



Please plan for a full sixty minutes for your initial dental evaluation. If you are scheduled concurrently for your dental hygiene appointment, plan on an additional full hour for that appointment as well.


You will be interviewed prior to your evaluation to determine your medical and dental status and need for new records, radiographs, etc. 


Dr. Adams will complete a thorough examination including the following: head and neck and soft tissue cancer screening, dental evaluation, periodontal evaluation and an orthodontic assessment.


Following this evaluation, further information may be necessary to help with your dental assessment. This could include diagnostic study models of your teeth, photos or additional radiographic studies.


Future dental treatment will be determined following a consultation with you and once your consent has been obtained. Often, for comprehensive plans, an additional treatment plan consultation is scheduled.



The hygienist will interview you about your prior dental hygiene history and current maintenance habits.


We secure blood pressures on all hygiene patients as a screening for hypertension. Many patients see us more frequently than their physicians, especially if they are in good medical health. Early diagnosis of hypertension can prevent more serious health implications.


We are now aware of the link between oral disease and other diseases including hypertension and cancer. For this reason, we ask all patients to rinse prior to hygiene therapy with an antimicrobial rinse. This reduces the bacterial load in your mouth and decreases the risk to both patient and provider of bacterial transmission.


The hygienist will then clean your teeth as appropriate for your periodontal classification.


Our hygienists are experts in coaching patients in proper oral hygiene techniques. They will tailor their suggestions and demonstrate those techniques to you. As dental hygiene is a lifelong skill, this takes practice, patience and persistence.


Upon completion of your hygiene appointment, we will schedule your next appointment with Dr. Adams or the hygiene staff. This will include a recommended frequency determined by Dr. Adams and your hygienist. Often this will be just a routine 6 month continuing care appointment.


If it is determined that you have any form of periodontal disease, you will be scheduled for additional therapy in an attempt to resolve or stabilize your condition followed by a re-evaluation appointment.


It is very important to schedule and keep your next appointment and to stay current with your dental health.

Dr. Todd H. 

Bainbridge Island Dentist

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